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Update #3

-Beat Clay with Plenty of difficulty; everyone (Except Colton) was involved in the battle, and we just pulled through.
-Won the PWT with Ease, thanks to Sebastian. Man is he a beast.
-Defeated Team Plasma, on the Frigae(?)with Ease.
-Got lost in Chargestone Cave. Twice. >.<
-Defeated Skyla with a Combination of Colton and Sebastian.
-Grinded on Route 7/Celestial Tower, where Erica evolved into a Swanna.
-Went to Reversal Mountain.
-Whilst Training in Reversal Mountain, Delilah learned Petal Dance, so used my Shiny Stone, to evolve her into Roserade.
-Traded over a Vanillite Egg (I didn't wanna wait till the Giant Chasm)
-Alice the Brave Vanillite hatched.
-Whilst Training for Drayden's Gym, Alice evlved into Vanillish.

Current Team:

Sebastian [m] (Flareon)
Relaxed Nature
Lv 41
-Fire Fang
-Lava Plume

Colton [m] (Ampharos)
Jolly Nature
Lv 41
-Thunder Punch
-Power Gem

Logan [m] (Scolipede)
Naughty Nature
Lv 41
-Bug Bite

Delilah [f] (Roserade)
Quiet Nature
Lv 42
-Petal Dance
-Giga Drain
-Magical Leaf

Erica [f] (Swanna)
Brave Nature
Lv 42
-Air Slash

Alice [f] (Vanillish)
Brave Nature
Lv 35
-Ice Beam
-Mirror Shot

My current Plan is to train the all to Around Lv 49, before Challenging Drayden. Even with Lucky Egg, I can see this taking a while.