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    Well, remember that I once wanted a Torchic and a Chimchar, but I cancelled the offer? I think I'll get a Torchic now. I can offer a Rhyhorn with Crunch + the elemental fangs. It's been an RNG abuse project (simply putting shininess in) that has failed flawlessly for quite some time, but I've decided to bring the run back and attempt to bring it back to life, since I found a few people looking for some Shiny Pokemon...and I'd like to make their ambitions come true. Gunning for a trade...that's why. xD Oh yeah, do you have a Vulpix too? If you do, I'd like one as well. I would also like an Electrike too, if you have one. So, all in all...I'd like Vulpix, Electrike and Torchic. I'm sure you can only give the Torchic, but I guess I should give it a try and see whether you have Vulpix and Electrike as well. Okay, thanks!
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