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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Share your favorite memory of gym battles. (In-Game, Manga and/or Anime). If its a new/recent gym battle in Anime or Manga, please put in spoilers.
Honestly I have no lasting memories of in-game gym battles - none of them were ever that difficult or that unique to make a big impact D: The anime is a completely different story though! My favourite ever gym battle was of Ash vs Candice in Snowpoint City; that battle was just hnggg <3 Her Pokémon showed such power and diversity considering what they were (I really don't have a high opinion of Abomasnow but oh my God it was cool to watch her command it) and Ash put up a great fight. There were several points in the battle where he came so close to losing so it was very tense, and the move combinations he resorted to using to beat Abomasnow were great! This battle somewhat summarized what all gym battles should be like for me, so it's not one I'll easily forget.

... also seriously guys, is Whitney really that hard to warrant such commotion when her name is brought up? xD (In reference to the whole forum!) I honestly never found her very hard at all so I'd love to know why she's considered such a God of Pokémon battles D:
Well, if your team is well-trained and the ones you've been using are female, then the battle isn't really as hard, however the despite not being as well-known as Whitney's infamous Miltank, it was still a bugger when it came to getting through it. If it got you with a successful attract, then you were already caught in her trap. Carried on to Miltank who had some insanely annoying combos. Often flinching you if it was able to outspeed you with Stomp, constantly spamming Milk Drink to heal itself, and otherwise just tearing your team down one by one. If your team wasn't bulky, high leveled or had some good stats and moves, then getting through her was just a real pain. But guess you're just good at Pokemon games xD
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