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    Clear sky, blue waters, and the sounds of waves crashing against the ship were all that could be heard from the rear of the SS Libra II. Standing by the railing was a young girl with her nearly acquired pokemon. They both stood there gazing into the distance. For the girl it was the farthest from home that she had ever been, and quite frankly she was getting a bit nervous. The fact that the professor trusted her, even knowing that she would steal from him was a bit much for her to handle at the moment, but none the less she had to persist and at least begin what she had set out to do.

    As time passed Savanna felt the ship gradually slow and figured she would head to the front for docking. She took her hand and brushed a few stray hairs from her face and signaled Daichi to follow her. The two walked past a number of people, a few of them with pokemon of their own. As she got closer to the front the city of Castelia came into view, or rather what was left of it. The city had been destroyed far more than any she had seen so far. Even with the aid of the beautiful weather the city just radiated a feeling of emptiness, and almost lack of hope. The most the Savanna could bring herself to do at this site was just sigh, and try to gain some sort of resolve.

    Soon enough the ship had stopped moving completely and stayed floating by a fairly old dock, that was somehow still intact. A few sailors gathered by the side of the ship and tied the ship down to the dock, before setting up the ramp for use. Savanna watched them as the knotted the ropes and their machokes, and other fighting type pokemon hoisted up the long metal platform that was to be the walkway. Once everything was secured the sailors on the ground signaled the deckhands that everything was ready, and passengers could begin to disembark.

    Savanna decided to wait a little while and just watch the people leave the ship. As she scanned the peir she noticed that there was a small group of men wearing what seemed like long white jackets. Upon further inspection, she made out on of the men to be Professor Birch. Questions immediately started to race through her mind, Were those the professors from other regions? How did they all make it here before them? Why were they all here? Were there other training charged with the same task as her? , were only a few of them. Savanna continued to watch the professors while many people who were aboard the ship walked right passed them, a few stopping to say a few words to them and quickly moving on. She noticed that a few of the trainers she saw on the trip began to form another group by them.

    Once again she signaled her pokemon to follow her and made her way off the ship. Stepping onto the dock gave her some sort of security, probably from the fact that she was not used to the rocking of ships. Each step however gave her the same feeling, as if she was moving toward something that was fully intended for her. It took her only a minute to reach where the professors stood, and upon arriving she retreated to a spot close to the other trainers, eager to have the professors address why they were there.
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