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Well here’s mine, hope it’s up the par :D!

Name: Clust Falore
Age: 14 years and a half
Sex: Male
Dorm: Suicune Dorm
Personality: Clust tends to get himself mix up with his inner personality. He considers himself brave, although being scared of most Pokémon which are bigger than him. He is outgoing and also gets carried away if he sees that he is about to complete/finish his mission/objective.

Put that aside, Clust has a reasonable sense of humor. He likes to laugh and easily makes friends, by having his outgoing personality. His favorite hobby is having Pokémon battle and most likely training. He is sometimes seen with a book, which everyone see it as weird, entitled "Falling Dragon", which has given Clust the preference of using Dragon type Pokémon’s

Appearance: Clust stands at an average height of a normal 14 year old which has a reasonable weight. He is mostly seen with a long blue sweater going all round his neck which ends as a tail in front of his chest. He wears a light blue long sleeve accompanied by a rather white jacket, not very long but quite short, which holds a pocket on its right side.
Clust wears a short blue jeans reaching just below his knees. He ends his overall appearance by wearing normal snickers.

History: Born in Eterna City, he kept his eye keen to keep admiring the cities’ gym leader. Clust was a great fan and kept dreaming night by night that one day, he too could become one. As he reached the age of 12, a mysterious man settled in where Clust was living, for he said that he was sick. After being treated by Clust's mother, the man left. But left a Pokeball on the bed he slept on. There was also a letter which was addressed to the whole family. The letter red:
Thank you for taking care of me. This is a token of my appreciation..... Upon opening the Pokeball came out a small baby Gible.

As years went by the Gible evolved and became a Gabite. The Gabite bonded a strong friendship towards Clust. They became quite attached with each other and the time came when they eventually heard about the famous Pokémon Trainer Academy and decided to take on the challenge.

Pokémon: Gabite

Species: Dragon/Ground
Nickname: Uxel
Personality: Uxel is the type of Pokemon that will stand up for Clust. He likes to fight and is sometimes quite mysterious. He has a definite taste for adventure and with Clust at his side he believes that he can beat anyone. His attitude is mostly calm all around and with time changes to curiousness and anxiety
Lvl: 20
Moves: Sandstorm, Dual Chop, Hone Claws, Aerial Ace, Iron Tail, Dig

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A Far Off Memory That's Like A Scattered Dream....!
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