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Yukiko smiled back happily at Shawn and Alex. “I’m so gla-“ she started to reply, but was suddenly interrupted as a bouncing Kiki grabbed her. “...uh, glad to have met you guys. Thanks for being so kind to me. Sh...shall we be off, then..?” she finally finished mildly. “Goodness me, this is a little too enthusiastic for my taste,” she thought, a little annoyed. “I hope this doesn’t keep up for much longer...”

Yuki started to follow the group, but suddenly remembered something. Taking a Pokeball from her waist, she let out a Cyndaquil, who stretched out its small body, happily taking in the sun’s warm rays. Taking the fire-type Pokemon in her arms, Yuki turned to her friends. “Hey…I would like you to meet Amber, my partner…and my best friend,” she said to the group. Amber looked up interestedly at the two Pokemon flying above her head that she had never seen before and blew little fireballs in the air.

Suddenly, Kiki whizzed past Yuki, spinning around with a guy she had never seen before. After being introduced, she waved timidly at him with a gentle smile. “Hi, i-it’s very nice to meet you.”
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