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Hey there! I'm here to make an RNG request. I know these can be tricky at times, but the one I'm looking for is a bit different than the one you have here. I can offer a few dream world females you might be interested in for this exeggcute (I have most of them). Please check my trade thread and pick a few that you like. If you're not interested in any of them, maybe we can work something out?

Breeding Form

Username: Masaru3
Pokemon: Exeggcute
Nickname (if want one): No nicknames
Gender: any
Nature: Timid
Ability: Chlorophyll
IVs: 31 HP, 30 Atk, 31 Def, 30 SpAtk, 31 SpDef, 30 Speed (Hidden Power 70 Fire)
Shiny: No
Egg Moves: Nature Power
Hatch Location: any
Other: Not necessary AT ALL because I can earn one, but it would make my life easier if you could give that exeggcute a Power Bracer

Thank you for your time
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