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    Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
    Erm most heroes will rely on consistent combo as that's the best way to chain the CC and probably burst down someone before things go toooo wrong. I suppose that ADCs have the least reliance on combo, but some of them like vayne got certain things they want to do not just pure AA spam.

    Teemo's so bad but so fun to play with an aspd build XD;
    omg i feel so out of my depth here, I am not really into playing truly competitively, I never go for a specific build. If I play it's usually the odd play that I do for fun and to slowly build up IP for an awesome champion. And the only I think I understood is coincidentally the thing I agree with xD yeah combos are a big part of 'em all, but Veiger is kinda dependent on farming early on for minions to get his AP up.

    And yeah I only play Teemo because he's really fun to play. Some of the others I just can't use.