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Guess it's time for a New Topic.

Out of all the true Rivals, who needs improvements and why?

This does not count Brendan and May, as they technically are Half-Rivals (They don't battle at all at the end of the game). So try not to answer "Brendan" or "May", 'kay?

On the Current Topic: I'd say Wally because the amount of Pokémon he has is tiny. Although most are quite good Pokémon, I have to say, that he never uses any other Pokémon for other battles, and the only thing that's changed is a slight increase in Level. Also he's the kind of rival that you don't get at the start (Which makes him unique, but still), a thing that could potentially be a rule, so you don't get to see much of his Pokémon when they were in their Pre-Evolved Forms, which obviously limits the Pokémon you can have on this Club when you choose him as your starting Rival.