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    Well that's a hard qu as every anime has it's own good and bad points. But with my record of never missing a pokemon ep and still watching now, I think that it has to win. Though I really love CCS, some of Sakura's battle costumes are so lovely. Though I do enjoy the ZOE series at the moment, but thats cos of my interest in the game and I like Tenchi (muyo, Universe and Tokyo) and Pretty Sammi, but only because of that cutie Ryo-oki. lol I'm guessing anime films don't count in this as no one else has suggested any, mind u many of them are manga. lol we need a worst anime one, for me it's conflict between a couple like Sailor Moon (she scares me so much, her daughter seems to be the only sane one) and Yu-Gi-Oh (no matter how much I try it bores me. I remember watching a final battle with Pegasus ages and ages ago, then a lil time later after that new ones came on and some how Pegasus is back.Kiba(sp?) is changes like the wind too).
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