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So tonight and this morning I explored through Rock Tunnel without the HM Flash, purely because I didn't want one of my Pokemon to be stuck with that HM forever. So I navigated my way through the cave using my Pokemon Yellow guide book I have. Took a while and end up catching myself a Onix, put it straight to the PC.

Battled all the trainers there and Dugtrio came in handy for a lot of the battles, just used Dig on them and they were gone mostly in 1 hit.

So I finally left Rock tunnel and entered the path to Lavender town, and versed a few trainers on the way. I actually don't like Lavender town anymore, ever since that creepypasta video on it, I can't look at it the same way, the music even hurts my ears even though it's not meant to and it's all in my head. But still, I looked around and visited the Name rater and changed Dugtrio's name to a nickname.

Left Lavender town to go on my way to Celadon City, on the way versed some MORE trainers, caught a Abra and a Kadabra and finally entered Celadon City where I am about to go visit the DEPT. Store and pick up a few things.

I also as well whilst in the Pokecentre, traded with my friend Julian and got myself 2x weedles and a Kakuna. And traded with another friend Jarrod and got myself a Meowth.

Oh and I evolved Charmander to Charmeleon.

Current team:
1. Bulbasaur lvl 25
2. Pidgey lvl 24
3. Pikachu lvl 27
4. Butterfree lvl 28
5. Dugtrio lvl 32
6. Charmeleon lvl 25

Pokedex completion:
Seen: 70
Own: 42