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    People will chat you up if they feel like it. It seems somewhat like you take attention on forums a bit for granted...

    I personally don't mind not being paid attention on forums. In fact, it's sometimes hard to not pay me attention because I tend to make spectacles out of myself not uncommonly and I tend to be more off the walls and noticeable than other members.

    Also, it has nothing to do with your age. I first started visiting forums when I was 14 and I was far more immature than you and thus far more noticeable. If anything it has to do with maturity. If you're immature you tend to be... Immature and more noticeable, you stand out in a crowd of mature, intelligent people. If you're mature and think like someone, say, 18 years old like yourself people won't notice you too much.

    I myself was noticeable because I was immature and I enjoyed spamming around with my bad English, low content posts. And in general being an ass. I grew up though and started blending into the background more. You start to grow LESS noticeable as you grow up, not more noticeable.

    I only read the first few paragraphs and the last one so forgive me if I missed anything.
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