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    Originally Posted by trapincher View Post
    My parents never really liked it. They always thought I would "grow out of it" eventually. They would "go along" with me. All they knew about Pokemon were Pikachu and Ash. I did stop for a while (they were glad for that). I did get back into Pokemon later on and they complained about it constantly.
    Your parents shouldn't really do that. Theres a lot of other things you could be doing instead that are hell of a lot worse.

    My parents never really got involved with me and Pokemon, as a kid I use to mention it sometimes. But they never asked in depth questions about it. My mum knows Pikachu and Ash and the other 3 main starters, but other then that, no.

    However they were a lot more involved with other hobbies I had as a kid like Yugioh and Beyblade haha.
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