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    Ok I got past the first gym and now have entered the first Forrest area. I cannot continue much farther since I lack the the time to do so but I will give a quick overview of my thoughts so far. Everything I will write be constructive and kind criticism. If anyone has questions whatsoever about the analysis below or disagrees with anything I say, feel free speak up.

    Ok well I like the game so far but, with it being a work in progress it also has some things to address. From when I first started the game with the greeting from prof. oak till where I stopped, I noticed uncanny similarities mirroring from the FR/LG games. Some variety and changes to the landscape would be nice. Also idk if your still working on adding stuff, or i was intentional, but the areas where you tried to modify to be unique actually seem extremely one-dimensional and straight forward. The towns are also a bit boring due to not being able to visit building and that there's so little content, but i'm sure its still a work in progress. Another thing I'd like to say is that the music has an obvious loop of where it would go on, end and then play again after a few seconds. Now I like the 4th gen battle scene but there are a few things that bug me. One is the slight sluggishness of battles(kinda sluggish throughout the game but more apparent in battles). Also with me getting Tepig as my starter(I love you for that) I noticed you used his B/W sprite but the battle scene is 4th gen formatted. Tepig's sprite wasn't really designed for that and looks very pixely. A re-spiriting would be nice.

    ~Needs more content
    ~More fluid scene/animation transitions and music
    ~Battle scenes are a bit lacking
    ~Needs more move animations
    ~More originality - more interesting over world

    Some things I would like to see:
    ~Interesting thins in your game that capture the player and make your game unique
    ~Optional feature of your pokemon following you like in HG/SS
    ~A point in the game or some kinds feature in your game where you have in depth or at least partial interactivity with your pokemon rather than you capture the little animals and they never see the light of day unless they're battling
    ~A friendship checker like in D/P(Dr. Footstep)
    ~A way to get Muk very early in the story
    ~More pokemon
    ~Poketech like Item

    Well that's all. Good luck and keep up the good work!

    EDITT: Ok this game was meant to be in FR/LG style I understand and accept that. However all I would like to see is better conduction of what it has to offer. Not that I'm saying that the overall style is "boring", just needs more development.
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