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    Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
    May I give just a few pointers?
    - In my game there are 160 obtainable pokemon which is a fairly small amount, but you currently have 46, which is ridiculously small. More variety is needed.
    - I'm sure many would agree that the tiles are a bit... boring. Mainly because they're old and people like to see newer HGSS/BW stuff, this also includes charsets.
    - You may also want to upgrade trainer sprites as well.
    - It's always good to have an original Hero/ine, rival and in some cases a new professor.

    Above all these are just some criticisms, being in the beginners showcase means this is a relatively new game and there is a vast amount of planning being done. You don't have to take these to heart.

    Good luck.
    Not being mean to you at all ... but it seems whenever there's a FRLG styled game. You seem to pick on just that. That it's FRLG styled. FRLG style is not that ''...boring'' it's quite appealing, if implemented correctly, maybe this persons skills will improve to implement it in such a manner, and not everyone likes to see HGSS or BW styles. I actually think BW sucks. Badly. I'd enjoy this game more if it were FRLG.
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