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Originally Posted by Rococo View Post
I'm in truth not a very political person.
You must forgive me if I had sounded a bit all over the place,but I had given up on America for fact of the blindness of the mass public,learning that not everyone in this country is a sheep did wonders for reviving that dead faith despite leaving me mayhap a bit emotional.
If you're not a political person, then how can you have an educated opinion on a political issue?

I never said the constitution was infallible,that you've read into yourself.
You said "Obama himself stated that "the constitution is outdated" but even still you people voted for him.Why? could I forget...he got you a phone", implying that he is in the wrong for saying that and the only reason people voted for him is that they didn't know he said that, or are greedy moochers.

However,did you know that Obama has shoved a bill through that allows the government to come to your house,search it,throw you in jail,and leave you to rot?
You're left with less rights than a prisoner of war.
No? Did you hear that parts of Florida voted Obama in a 158% turn out? Really?
I would much sooner opt for the original constitution then what he is turning this country into.
[citation needed]

"The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA,the TSA, etc."
I noticed that others had conveniently avoided it so I made a comment,apparently i'm the only one who is worried about it.
Ah, I see where you got that now, my apologies. Considering nearly every single "state" petition copied and pasted the same message I glossed over it, it seriously loses its message if the person who made it doesn't even care enough to write their own message lol.

On the topic of the TSA, this is also [citation needed]. I don't understand why people love to make claims without backing them up. I tried to source this myself and all I can find is something saying they had a backlog in April (here). Nothing says anywhere that they don't do security checks. I would really like to not die in an airplane, thanks.

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