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    Do you ever wish that your favorite, or any pokemon could get that one good move, or that certain stat buff? Or have you ever disregarded some pokemon, like starters for example, for pokemon that outclass it?
    Well here you guys can discuss about some buffs you'd like to give to that pokemon that would make them better in general battle, or even some that'll bump them up a competitive tier. Possibly an abillity that would give them the edge? Remember any buff you give your desired poke is viable as long as you don't overpower them or give them rediculous stats.

    To start, I would like if Emboar had better defences to better suit his good hp. Say 80 Def and 75 SpDef? Also amp up his speed to 75 and his attack by 5 and lower his special attack by 5.

    Lastly I would like to grant Emboar the mighty Close Combat.
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