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To be fair public schools do not have the resources to deal with any single student's problems. I've been to 10 different ones and I can honestly say that public school isn't for kids who need individual help, it is for kids who can learn and understand with only a moderate amount of guidance. Public school simply gives you the tools to learn, the instruction to do, the motivation to try, and a little bit of discipline to top it all off.

Schools are not meant to teach independence either, that is you parent's job. Public school isn't something to replace what your parents should be teaching you (much like Azealea said), if you think school is there to fix your problems then you are mistaken.

Public school is not for everyone, it welcomes everyone, but it isn't for everyone. Private school's are much better education wise, people with a lot of money or a lot of motivation should be the ones going there. People who need to be watched constantly, gets in trouble a lot, or "hates public school" should get home-schooled. (Those are not the only reason to be home schooled, home schooling is a legit method of education and I respect it). The less people wasting public school resources, time, and space the better.
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