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Originally Posted by justinrpg View Post
I am STUCK!!! I am at PokéStar Studios and there is NO exit!! if I exit down the guy says "Well now looking forward to working with you. Please do your best until we make a movie to release in the theatre!" if I exit right, a guy is in my way!!! and talking to the guy in the up exit does NOTHING!!! the lady at the front desk also does NOTHING!!! I have talked to EVERYBODY and I am TRAPPED in the room and don't know where to go or what to do next!!! where do I go and what do I do???
Calm down...

Anyway, I think you must do the movie that Pop Roxie failed to do in order to proceed. Talk to the guy next to the filming studio's entry (the one inside the building that leads to the production set) in order to do the movie. Remember, when you're filming a movie, the moves you choose for your Pokemon, as well as the lines in the dialogue trees, make an impact on how the movie will turn out.