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    Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
    Olimar is easy to beat for me, in my opinion...especially when I set him as a L9 CPU and using either Pikachu or Toon Link (my two mains), and boom...three straight KO's and his Pikmin don't stand a chance against me. xD

    Mind if I start a topic to keep this club goin'?

    What's your favorite SSBB stage to brawl on?
    You sure you're not handicapping your way to victory?

    Favorite...well Leaf Storm, you know how I always pick Final Destination & Battlefield when we face lol, except everytime I pick Battlefield we end up playing your selective map x) But I also love Delfino Plaza, Spear Piller & Lylat Cruise The maps I really dislike are...if I remember the name..the Ice Climbers map from Melee & Donkey Kong's Rumble Falls. In other words, the moving maps like those just are stupid.

    So my reasons?
    1. Final Destination: Easily the most simple map ever, the background, the colors are magnificent. It is easily the most overrated map, but I love it!
    2. Battlefield: Could very well fall right behind Final Destination in this but with platforms to add to it. I love the timing zone in the background in Brawl especially
    3. Delfino Plaza: Its a great map, I love fighting on the platforms when the stages move around. Not to mention I main Peach so a little thing call "Home" is sweet every now & then.
    4. Spear Pillar: I like the two areas to fight with any random three Pokemon showing up in the background to spice things up. The coloring is nice too.
    5. Lylat Crusie: Star Fox, 'nuff said. I like doing the Star Fox specials too x)
    6. Castle Siege: 3 different stages in 1 basically. Amazing Stage!
    Uhh how about we talking about overall? From the original & Melee as well.

    Princess Peach's Castle is definitely one of my all time favorites. But so are the other classic Mario maps too. Actually shocking one of those never came to Brawl

    Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
    Your username: LilJz

    I play SSBM and SSBB when my friends wants to. But mostly play SSBM
    To add to that, who do you main with? What do you like most about the SSB franchise? Tell us more about your interest in this x)
    Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
    Your username: CourageHound

    Anserwing Topics:
    What are your top five characters to play as?
    Secondaries: Olimar, Pokemon Trainer, Bowser, Lucario

    What is your favorite stages to play on?

    Delifino Plaza, Battlefield, Smashvile, Final Destination, and Rainbow Cruise
    Smashville is actually pretty cool, I like the K.K. songs indeed from Animal Crossing & its brilliant adding some in Brawl. Rainbow Cruise is alright, I prefer Princess Peach's castle from Melee though. That was one of my all time favorites. Maybe in the next one?
    I like Yoshi too, I don't see why people struggle to use him, especially the egg move. My best friend agrees with me on that also. Oh well. Lucario is fun to use, though I prefer Mewtwo all the way. I get mixed feelings about Pokemon Trainer, I mean I love the 3 Pokemon, don't get me wrong. I just don't know which one I favor the most of the 3 x) Definitely not Charizard though, its a tie between Squirtle vs Ivysaur.

    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    Olimar is arguably the best character in the game not named Meta Knight though. He can shut down many characters, is the KING of ground games and iirc the only character that has a 5-5 match-up vs Meta Knight. His Pikmin are diverse, and if you know how to manage them, the game is as good as yours. The Pikmin are so ridiculously good, and if you have the right Pikmin at your disposal you can pretty much shut down any and every character and control the whole ground space. His normals and aerials are good too, and can play defensively and offensively. Hell, he has no flaw in his design bar one thing - his recovery. His recovery is so awful that he must stay on the ground for the majority of the fight, so any aerial fighter (see: Wario, Meta Knight, Yoshi) can have a field day with him should they exploit his weakness. Though he's still dangerous because his Pikmin can utterly destroy you if you're careless. Olimar is one character that must be played carefully as and against. This is from an ex-Olimar main.

    Anyway haven't been in this topic for a while. With Playstation All-Star Battle Royale out in two weeks or so I'm actually in the mood for playing Smash. Still maining Wario and Snake, and I don't plan to change. (They are my favorite video game characters, after all. Helps that I'm a huge fan of their fight style.)

    What's your favorite SSBB stage to brawl on?
    Final Destination and Smashville with no items...:V. Though if I feel like playing the game as it's intended I usually go with Delfino Plaza, Port Town or Warioware Inc.

    It's such a SHAME that Shadow Moses Island is a boring design. I'd love to play it because Kojima designed it and it's Shadow Moses Island for god's sake, but it's awful imo.
    My best friend has Olimar as his fifth best character in SSB. Olimar was the only character he had to give me a lecture one to be honest x) I didn't know Down + B calls your Pikmin back until a couple weeks ago. So that helps using him a bit easier, but still not impressed with Olimar x) Spino, next time you get on iirc, we'll exchange friend codes & whatnot, I've gotten quite a few people playing Brawl & we can play matches with all 4 players & whatnot in "With Friends." I don't like Time, so I mainly do Stock, shame they took bonus out! Coin is alright. Not to mention I prefer no items as well, I keep playing against people who likes items on Items are annoying lol

    Peach still has my favorite special!

    Originally Posted by SinisterEternity View Post
    @Spinosaurus - I have yet to meet someone who'd play as Olimar without getting owned, so I'd not really know, though even as a level 9 he is no match for me. xD
    Then again a good player may make things different. xDD

    What's your favorite SSBB stage to brawl on?
    YAY !
    I'd say Hyrule Temple (from SSBM but still <3), Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 2, New Pork City, Frigate Orpheon and Smashville, especially on Saturdays :D
    The only level 9 that is actually competitive is Falco, the rest are just a piece of cake to me.