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Vieve Gotle

“Alchemize. Alchemize. Alchemize!” What am I going to alchemize is the real question? I want to alchemize my axe with something that will make it lighter and more effective. What can do that without coming out to some crazy result? How about my pillow no… I can just imagine the pillow as the head of the axe. My computer! How am I going to contact people if I don’t have it with me? Oh shoot this isn’t turning out to great. My computer and my dad’s watch would be the perfect fit but then I need a new weapon if I’m going to be slaying imps all day. Gavin should have a aluminum bat in his room, which if I remember correctly are really light. I’m running inside before I realize that I didn’t collect any of the grist. I turn around and quickly collect my prize for defeating that brute before returning to Gavin’s room. Dear god, the wall is now gone and there are stairs leading right out of his room! When did those get here? It dawns on me that this is what Ricardo must have been building, my gate. I will use the stairs at a later date but right now I need to alchemize this bat and my axe and hope it comes out for the best. Could you cross two weapon type things and come out with just a single one? Would it be an axe weapon or a bat weapon? This is perplexing me! Perhaps this bat wasn’t the best idea; maybe I’ll grab some aluminum foil. I head down to the kitchen to see what material we have and hope mom actually keeps some.

“HEY GET OUT OF HERE!” There is another imp in my kitchen trying to make off with my stuff! I grab a steak knife from out of the drawer and run at the imp with it when I notice that it’s eating the aluminum foil! Latching my hands onto the end of the aluminum foil box I try to rip it away from the imp. With the knife still in hand I slap it across the face with it. This causes the imp to let go of its half of the box and I safely secure my aluminum foil. Hmm, now how am I going to take care of this thing? Ha, this is too easy! I place my hand into the imp’s mouth and thrust upwards which slices all the way through the head. Nicking my hand on the imp’s sharp teeth in the process. The imp like the all do burst into a shower of grist and I take my grist with pride. Releasing the knife that is hand before moving on to my room. Captaloguing the aluminum foil is my first mission and while fumbling for my cards eventually succeed at. The Punch Designx is outside so I head that way and pass Gavin on the way out, I’ll have Cloystersprite look after him after I’m done with this alchemizing stuff. Then I retrieve my two-captalogue cards and in speedy succession scan them into the machine and swipe out the red punched card(s). Afterwards I’m heading back up the stairs to the totem, which already has dowels due to Cloystersprite and myself. Cloystersprite definitely said to put the red card(s) into the Totem. I jam the card(s) into the slot that I’m pretty sure it goes into and I hope whatever comes next is amazing…

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