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Hey! I'm Canadian. I didn't know about this. I be joining

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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I don't really understand the religious reason either. I can't think of a religion that would be against something like this. If anything, wouldn't most be okay with the idea of remembering and honouring those who fought and died to protect the greater good and peoples' rights? If the argument is that the Remembrance Day service is tied into a religious service... wtf are you doing at a religious school? @[email protected];
Apparently (or supposedly) some German and Muslim students (or more likely their parents) feel that its kinda blame-gamey somehow. No clue why it would be all of the sudden. Or why school's are accommodating that. If the parents have a problem for some reason, then keep them home that day. Ceremonies shouldn't be cancelled for other students.

Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
Aero bars are from Europe, and since we are linked to the queen of England, we get some of Europe's goodies also :)
But not enough goodies. I love walking into British candy shops. So much rare stuff in there! Like walking into a time machine (apparently it used to all be readily available according to my parents), or Willy Wonka's chocolate factory

Hey Canadians! Check out today's Google Doodle :P