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    I think its both sad and funny. 4 years ago, YAY OBAMA! Now...Ugh Obama...lets leave the nation and make our own and blame everything on government instead of our dislike of the president.

    I don't personally have any care for who is in power. A lot of micro managing could be more beneficial to helping our economic needs, but a lot of the time people just want to put the blame of someone else instead of solving the issue. Yes the government could put less spending to overseas work and purchases and spend more time, effort, and money on things our nation needs like better schools and more stable jobs. The economy needs to be fixed, but that still requires heavy foreign trade, more selling than buyin really.

    Also Live to quote National Treasure, the United States was founded on the idea of treason. Should we have lost, the founding fathers would have been arrested, quartered, stoned, and burned for their treason.

    While the laws laid down after that period were made to prevent domestic uprisal like in the past, doesn't change the fact that all of our ancestors (those of brit decent) committed treason against their home country for religious freedom and freedom from persecution. XD

    So treason is very American. Which is still makes this sad and funny.
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