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Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
I know right? ;_; a childhood without kindersurprise...

More "canadian" issue now that it's Rememberance day for us: there's some discussions lately that students can opt out of Rememberance day because it is "offensive." Parents can sign opt-out forms from Rememberance day related events in school. In this article, supposedly there's very little students who do this. One opted out of any/all patriotic events, while another cited religious reasons.

What do you think about this, fellow Canadians/Canada-lovers?
This comes off as awful strange to me. Even though there are quite a few people that oppose war, you can't deny that it has happened, so we're just respecting those that fought for our freedom. We aren't celebrating their victories, but rather thanking them for giving up their lives so we can live ours in relative peace (whether you agree with the motivation of the wars or not).