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    Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
    ... ... ...I'm pretty much (almost) the only one here to have never beaten the World Leaders Tournament... ... ...Seriously, I couldn't beat the Leaders, even with pretty strong Pokemon... ... ...The Pokemon are Japanese Event Pokemon...Yeah, I had to use those, because I couldn't win with my in-game team. And I never win with them too! So it's just the same...Nevertheless, I'll just say the wins. I've won at every tournament for once excluding the World Leaders Tornadus Tournament (Ehehe...see what I did there? xD)...the Rental Master Thundurus Tournament (Again? xD)...and all Type Masters Tournaments...
    You must be pretty bad then, no offense, or just have poor type coverage. All you need to do is bring a team focused primarily on power and sweeping and you'll have an easy time.
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