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Eh, I've never really been watching the anime consistently. The first time around, when the first season was aired here, I did watch it pretty much every day a new episode came out, and I hated it whenever I missed one, since at the time I had no way of getting to watch it again, and that went on for most of the first season. But when it reached Hoenn, it just jumped around. They completely skipped the Orange Island season, and they went straight to the middle of Johto from the end, and I kinda lost interest, since I had no idea what the heck was going on and where they even were in the whole thing. Then years passed, and I tried watching it again on TV, and what do you know, they were only in Hoenn. Watched through a few episodes untill they again skipped, directly into the middle of Battle Frontier, from which they showed a few episodes, and when straight to Sinnoh. At that point I completely gave up on it, and discovered some time later I could watch them online ;p From there I watched through a few seasons, but became bored of it from there, and didn't start watching again till they were at the end of the Sinnoh.

So yeah, I've stopped watching it several times, and I'm certain it's a pattern I will keep up.
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