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I stop watching in early DP. I've saw at least the first three DP epsiodes and several other eps after that and stopped completely. I hated the new voice actors for the dub. They sounded really awful in Battle Frontier and after one season of listening to them, I couldn't stand them. While I could of just watched them in Japanese with subs, but wasn't sure where to look and soon forgot about it. I haven't watched the first season of Black and White either cause I hated Iris and Cilan. But then they announced Rival Destinies and I decided to give the anime a chance again. The premiere episode actually ended up being good and convinced me enough to start watching the anime again. I love how Team Rocket a more sinister objective than just stealing Pikachu. So I just recently got back into it and have seen almost every episode of Rival Destinies.
im back
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