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    First I found a list of all the moves I wanted to add, and then went to each move's page on Bulbapedia. I copied the table of Pokémon which learn the move by TM/HM/tutor into Notepad, imported it into Excel and copied the Pokémon column back into Notepad. From there I copied it into Word where I made everything upper-case (Shift+F3), replaced all the line breaks with commas, and copied the result into tm.txt.

    It does seem a bit of a chore, but it's fairly mindless so I could listen to the radio at the same time.

    As for updating pokemon.txt, I looked through each species on PokemonDB quite quickly to find any species which had a separate movelist for B2W2 (this was easier than looking at Bulbapedia), and just updated them manually.
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