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Starmie <3



instead of trollnalytic.

Originally Posted by Syltti View Post

I kinda wish Gardevoir had better base physical defense or speed. Her base def is 65.. maybe 75 or 80 would be a nice boost. She also has base 80 speed, so maybe 90~100. Or, if her speed were to stay the same, grant her Analytic in place of Trace.

Trace is awesome on Gardevoir. Why would you wanna get rid of it? D:
Switch in on a flamethrowering Heatran? Check.
Switch in on a thunderbolting Electivire? Check.
Switch in on a scalding Gastrodon? Check.
Gardy is awesome with TRACE >:D

p.s. base 100 speed Gardevoir will push her to OU, I guarantee it. Leave the defense alone, it suits her style, she can't have everything.

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