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  • Developer:Polectron.
  • Language:Spanish, English is still in process.
  • Compatibility:Global, you only need an internet connection

The pokéutility is a tool designed to organize in a database all your project’s information, even if it’s a Hack or a RPG there are different databases for your data:

  • Trainers: Stores data like name, sprite, localization, pokémons, objects, ect.
  • Pokémons: It contains information about evolution levels, attacks, name, type, ect.
  • Routes: Saves pokémons, trainers and objects of routes.
  • Function to add the story of the game.
  • System to add news of the games.
  • Search engine, for data about your hack.
  • Totally on-line platform.
Other characteristics are:
  • Modification of data tha has been already generated an saved. (Working on it)
  • Storage system, 2.5GB per user.
  • Users system, it prevents to unregistered users to add or to modify data, but no to read it.
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