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Name: Lucas
Position: Mapper/ Basic Asm
I know I map in a more natural style, while you like games in a traditional Nintendo style; but I can also make maps for you in Nintendo style as well. Having different perspectives on mapping can be a great thing, if done correctly. It can strengthen all the mappers on the team by showing everyone their little tweaks with mapping. The challenge is to make sure that all the maps flow correctly, which I know you can accomplish.

I know the basics of ASM, and I have a couple of routines I can show you on Live(I would rather not show the general public ), I just need more ideas for what I could do with ASM and someone to work with the routines on. ( I would hit a wall/bug and that would be my stopping point)

I totally agree with you about "The Hacking of today", I miss the days of hacking on live with multiple people, it has been hard being a solo hacker, and I miss company.

Proof of Work (A map of a forest I made for my hack, which let me remind you, follows the mapping style of my hack)
(Also note that the tile errors are not real tile errors* I have the 3-layer tile hack applied to my hack and advance map only reads the first two layers of the tile)
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