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Finally, the one question you never asked.
BV: Uhh okay
BV: Sounds weird but for some reason I feel like i can trust you
BV: Maybe because you're kinda weird yourself
BV: In a good way, though!
BV: Oh, and this is totally irrelevant but are you a boy or a girl?

VC: oh, I'm glad to hear that, Vinnie!! :D
VC: even the weird part
VC: VB tells me that now and then too
VC: and you guys are pretty alike in some ways!
VC: oh, I never told you? I just assumed you realized that I was a girl :D But sorry for not letting you know before!!
VC: I'm a girl, just like CF. I don't see any harm in telling you that at least
So the raptor was a girl. Astonishing, isn't it? Nobody saw that coming. Yeah.

A player has to literally jump through the gate to pass through it. But don't worry. Candice is woman enough to reach that by now. Good job! Now, let's hope you can reach your own gate as well...


You make the SPIDERMANDS and BATVANS. Not that they look anything like those superheroes, rather like your average black gloves and shoes, only with suction cups on them. Probably very impractical to wear when doing anything other than climbing up walls or walking upside down on a ceiling. Like when trying to put things that you are holding down. Or when walking normally on the ground. As with all things, these items have their specific times when they should be used. And a lot of times when they should perhaps not be used. Unless you like that kind of hilarious antics that could arise from the particular suction-function of this attire.

You also make the DEMENTEDBOARD. Instead of wheels, it's got several feet underneath it that runs as quickly and smoothly as if the board was rolling like a normal board. With the exception that these feet can traverse uneven ground where wheels wouldn't really fare well. And the funny noise the feet do when they run might make it a very, hm, special experience to ride the DEMENTEDBOARD compared to a normal skateboard. And that's not really all there is to it. Instead of standing on your normal skateboard board when using this item, you'll find yourself standing on top of a very woody-like jester's body. Flattened out into the shape of skateboard. At the front is the dimentio doll's face - unflattened - that can spin around and look at you or forward and laugh occasionally (but not speak) and if you're not careful, the little jester might steer the DEMENTEDBOARD (or itself?) in a direction that you didn't really mean to go in. Maybe this can be helpful. But maybe it can be harmful. It might depend on if you make sure to stay good friends with the head... board... thing... or not.

((OOC: have I managed to freak you out yet? xDDD))

And don't worry. Ricardo had enough grist to let you build up to his gate. And now you will have to use your skills to jump the last way from Vinnie's ladder up through the gate, avoiding the several BASILISKS that have gathered there, hissing at you with their clown faces. Ogres are emerging from beneath the snow as well, almost as if they were buried there, only waiting for your house to land in their vicinity. This place is getting dangerous. You can only hope that wherever you are going now will be safer.

You do exactly that and pass through your first gate... Realizing or not that you left Dad and Fluffricksprite behind.


This game master is now assuming that you made a red card from the Axe and not from the Knife. Since you wouldn't be able to wield the knife in battle withing SBURB. Since Axekind is your chosen kind of weapon. That knifething that killed the imp in the kitchen, that was a twist of luck. Of course something dies if you ram a knife through their skull! Or throw something heavy on them. Pure physics. Nothing strange at all. But Axe it is from now on!

While Cloystersprite and Gavin are disagreeing on something loudly and discovering that more ogres are trying to peek into every window of your house simultaneously but apparently missing the gaping hole in the wall towards the garden, you hurry down to the alchemiter and finish your work.

You make the LIGHTWRATHER. Surely the most lightest axe you have ever seen, and with a strangely malleable and soft, metallic handle. Must be from the aluminium being in foil form. Kinda comfy when holding a weapon, actually - fits every hand. Of course this weapon only needs to fit your hand. And it does. It is also quite shiny. And did I mention how light it was? With this, you will be able to spin around like a whirlwind and cut your foes to pieces in the blink of an eye.

Now, how about climbing those stairs? Wait... someone is pestering you, for the first time in quite a long time now. Seems like he finally woke up after falling asleep in Ricardo's memo before.
-- viralBlaster [VB] began pestering paintSplatter [PS] --
VB: Hi Vieve.
VB: Your situation is going grim. There are ogres everywhere around your house. I don't know why ogres specifically flock your land.
VB: Basilisks seem to favor Candice's land.
VB: And some kind of sea monster crawls up around Ricardo's house at the moment.
VB: Vinnie has even got flying underlings now.
VB: See, I've managed to figure out how to get the viewport in my program to track you inside the Inciphisphere now. It wasn't at all as difficult as I thought. And it gives me a clue...
VB: or rather, proves what my friend thought but that I tried to deny at first.
VB: It will likely be clear when you pass through your first gate. Or at least we can manage to do something to find out then.
VB: And don't worry about your sprite or brother. As long as you go through that gate, they will be fine. If you go through it in time.


I put my LOSERGLOVES on and grabbed hold of the POINTYTHINGY. My spritefellow was behind me, as grumpy as ever. But he agreed to follow as I once again went out from my room into the imp-infested corridor outside. Rumbles and screams were heard all over the mansion. The servants must be busy fighting the lesser underlings. Or maybe they had discovered the sea monsters. I could only wish them luck. I didn't much care about their well-being; they only existed to serve me after all.

The POINTYTHINGY was incredibly effective in comparison to the old polo mallet. As I went through the corridor, assisted by LEGOFOOTSPRITE, I went up another level from slaying enough imps. I felt as if my strength was increasing too and caught myself smiling when I came to the hall and staircase. It wasn't that killing felt good. Well, maybe it did. But this wasn't really killing, was it? Those imps were game abstractions, created to be evil opponents for me. I was supposed to kill them. And I gladly did what I was supposed to do... I supposed.

In my father's office on the other side of the mansion, but still on the same floor, I found a terrified butler trying to fend off a monster that had crept in through a window. I could feel the floor rumbling beneath me. Stupid servants. Couldn't they even take care of themselves, let alone my house? Giving the butler a face of disappointment, I swung the POINTYTHINGY at the snake in front of me a couple of times. It dodged! I wasn't fast enough.

"SPRITE!" I called out and heard a sigh behind me. LEGOFOOTSPRITE left the two imps that he had been building a strangely abstract Lego fort around to trap, and went to my side, distracting the monster with a spray of Lego pieces. I took the opportunity to jump forward and pierce the monster's body in several places with some swift swings from my mallet. The creature exploded into grist that I collected, panting, while the butler stood speechless and pale and watched.

"Go... get me a drink," I told him, not having the energy to shout. He quickly disappeared, jumping over the Lego fort in the hallway.

"We make... a pretty darn awesome team!" I told my sprite, leaning on the back of a chair.

"If you say so," the sprite gloomily replied, staring out the broken window. "Waves are growing taller. You should leave this place now."

"Not without some more upgrades," I said, picking up what I came to get from the top drawer of my father's desk. A pair of really expensive blackglasses. My father wasn't here now - I didn't really want to think about where he was, really. Somehow it felt strange to think of him now. Or my brother. Or my sister, for that matter. Where... No. I didn't care. I had other business to tend to.

At least I didn't have to worry about my mother. As I threw an imp down the stairwell the next minute, I watched her march through the entrance hall on the bottom floor with at least ten maids behind her, broomsticks in hands. My mother held a gun, herself. Actually, she looked kind of badass. I wondered where she had hidden her cool side all these years. She had always stepped on my nerves with her silliness. I quickly made sure to tell myself that this didn't mean that I respected her now. She was still a witch.

I went back to my room again, feeling the house rumble a bit more this time. The corridor was suddenly very imp-less. Had they finally taken my hint? I created a red card from the blackglasses and one from one of my computers. The one where both pesterchum, the SBURB client and the SBURB server were installed. I had an idea, you see, but I wasn't sure how it would be carried out. I decided to captchalogue and make a red card from one of my best headsets as well. The one I use when I'm in serious gaming. Then I created a totem, squeezing in all three cards in the same spot on the TOTEM LATHE. One single totem got carved, which I put in the ALCHEMITER.

I created the ALLURBASES. Again, no idea how I knew the name just by picking up the item. It was a replica of my father's blackglasses, but when I put them on, I could see a desktop window in them. They also came with headphones and a microphone, so I could talk in voice commands, controlling the computer inside the blackglasses with it. I seemed to even be able to tell pesterchum messages to write. The FLAREBONKER was awesome, but ALLURBASES was easily the best thing anyone can alchemize. Ever. I was convinced of that at that point, at least.

Now it seemed like I was all out of grist, though. Typically. I couldn't alchemize anything more even if I tried. I guessed it was a good thing that I had killed that sea monster earlier, or I might not have afforded these ALLURBASES.

But enough running around. Time to get on with the game. I knew what I had to do, right? Pass through the gate. I went out onto a balcony from my parents' bedroom and climbed up to the roof. I admit I needed some help from LEGOFOOTSPRITE to not fall down here - I was no atlete, I just had a will of steel and LEGOFOOTSPRITE had no will at all. On the roof, I gasped and then smiled. "Candice..."

She had built up with stairs, much like I did for Vieve. My gate or whatever it really was, was blinking at me from above. The sky was cloudy and gray and I could hear thunder in the distance. Rain poured down on me, making me want to hurry even more. As I looked down onto the lawns surrounding my half-deserted, half-destroyed mansion, I felt a strange sensation in my gut.

Imps were fleeing back to the cliffs and jungle further away from the shore. Servants were swarming the lawns... fighting the monsters that kept creeping up from the sea. There wasn't only snakes and serpents now, strange two legged and one eyed creatures came up in the distance with their tall figures and thin arms and legs. An invasion from the sea. Why would the imps flee? Could it be that they were not allied? Or that they were afraid of getting crushed by the larger, merciless monsters? I had to think about these things. I was a strategist. I saw how one of the creepy, tall figures bend down and... oh god. It chomped at a servant and the next second, the servant was gone. Eaten alive... Even I found that horrible. "I did tell you that you'd better leave, didn't I?" came my sprite's voice from beside me.

I didn't really care about the servants. I never had. And I didn't much care what happened to my mother either. No, really, I didn't. But my guts felt so strange and uncomfortable. As if part of my actually thought that I should care. And maybe actually did care.

"If I just leave this place now..."

"The enemy invasion will stop."

I turned to watch the gray sprite. Rain seemed to bounce off his radiant yet dull skin, without making him wet. "It will?"

"Yes. That's the workings of this game. You have a certain time to advance to the next level after arriving with your house in your land. If you fail, all is pretty much lost." The sprite shrugged. "If you manage to advance in time, you will be rewarded with a new chance. The invasion will lighten up, for now."

I chose to believe him, and started climbing the stairs. Some imps had climbed up here to hide and were just shaking and looking at me with frightened eyes as I passed them by. I didn't kill them. It didn't matter right now; they didn't give out much grist anyways. I reached my gate and was about to jump in, when I looked down. So far to the ground...

"We'll meet again soon," LEGOFOOTSPRITE said gloomily and turned around to descend the stairs again.

"What? You're not coming with me? But we're a f*cking team!" I don't know why I was that upset.

"No, I'm just here to get you started for now. But I'll have to meet you soon again," he paused to sigh, "because that's how it is. Unless you die."

"You wish I do, don't you?"

"No. I'm still not fully prototyped. You or your server need to prototype me once again before I can stop caring completely."

"Oh," I said, totally having forgotten that detail. He was only prototyped once. What about the others' sprites? What did they really look like? I wanted to find out. "I guess I'll see you soon then. Hey, make sure that my mother doesn't crush this place when I'm gone!"

LEGOFOOTSPRITE bowed and floated downstairs to the roof, thunder sounding above and a lightning illuminating the ominously stormy sea. Pretty darn good servant, that sprite, I thought before I tightened the grip on the POINTYTHINGY and jumped into my first gate.

-- END OF ACT 2 --
-- ACT 3 --

(click to hear the awesome RP theme song again)


You are momentarily blinded when you pass through the spirograph that is your gate. And then you are suddenly standing somewhere else entirely. There is still snow on the ground and the sky is a light blue color, endlessly illuminated by an unidentifyable source of light. But you are among some cliffs and mountains, brown to the color and covered with lots of snow as well, the stone only peeking out here and there. Right in front of you, in the valley between the steep cliffs, there seem to be some ruins from an ancient town, not withered away and cold.

If you somehow look into a computer, trying to find Ricardo in SBURB, you will only see his wildly ravaged house. You can't zoom out enough to get away from it or find him. He's gone. Hopefully alive. You can still talk with him and the others on pesterchum without problem though. That is, if you did bring a computer.

You might encounter some bats flying about when you approach. They don't seem mean, only easily startled. And there are tracks in the snow, but they look nothing like the tracks of underlings. These feet have shoes.

==> Investigate the ruins and hear noises. Find an archway made of stone with the word... WITCH.


"What the..."

I fell to the ground as I flew out from nowhere. The ground was soft, but not wet. It hadn't been raining here. I looked up and saw earth and plants. Blue and green plants. Getting up, I tried to make sense of where I had ended up. I didn't see nor hear any ocean here. Only jungle. Plants and trees and flowers. And... parrots? I noticed a couple of them just sitting on a branch of a tree, staring at me.

"What are you looking at?" I roared, making them fly away, chattering.

Then I spotted something behind the tree they were sitting at. At first I had thought they were mere stems and bushes, but now I saw that there were logs of wood built up, as if they had once been a house or fence. I quickly moved over to there, mowing down the bushes on my way with the POINTYTHINGY with more or less fruitless results. Nevertheless, it turned out to indeed be the ruins of a house, since long overgrown. It was as if someone had been living here, in a jungle house, but it had been ravaged by pillagers or a storm or something. Or both. If there even were any pillagers here. What did I even think about, there were imps and they stole anything. Of course.

I walked around in the ruins for a while, trying to make sense of what this meant. I almost wished that LEGOFOOTSPRITE was there with me, just so that he could explain everything to me. The weather was hot, too, a sun scorching my pale skin. I took cover in the shadow of a palm tree, groaning. I had even covered up my windows back home, to avoid sunlight. Then I stepped on something that cracked. I looked down to find some kind of wooden plate with words on it.

It could have been a name plate, to signify who lived here. Maybe it had sat on the fence or on the door to the house before. Now, the name was nowhere near visible, lost over the course of time and withering wood. But another word was still readable.

"Pr... PRINCE." I raise my eyebrows in disbelief.
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