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    Originally Posted by Tryploshion View Post
    Gender: Male
    Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
    Name: Mast
    Route: Route 18 (put where u want)
    Team: Nidoking Lv. 32 with: Rock Tomb, Trash, u choose the others
    Golduck Lv: 34
    CharizarD Lv. 38
    Based on the levels, I'll put your trainer in Route 8, the small route between Saffron and Celadon.

    Originally Posted by chen12 View Post
    makes sense.For the move sets, can u put shadow ball, psychic, sludge bomb, and dark pulse on gengar (with leftovers), overheat, brick break, thunderpunch, and fire blast on magmar (with scope lens), dragon rage, earthquake, surf, and thunder on gyarados (with quick claw), and x-scissor, dig, earthquake, and stone edge for pinsir (with sitrus berry)?
    I can do all of that except for X-scissor, Stone Edge and Dark Pulse, as they were introduced in 4th Gen.