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I don't see anything wrong with the idea of a country splitting into smaller countries, even the US, but not over something silly like an election that was pretty fair in the overall scheme of things. The US is not Yugoslavia or Sudan. We're not in armed conflict with different parts of the country and torn by bitten ethnic tension (well, maybe we are a little, but it's not that bad). This is just a knee-jerk reaction to an election loss. It's "I'm moving to Canada 2.0."

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I'll continue to call him unelected until the issues of voting machines converting Romney votes into Obama votes, why workers for an Obama-supporting union were the ones who were hired to service the shady voting machines, how counties in key swing states that Obama carried had more votes cast than there are registered voters, etc.

You can call my accusations outrageous if you'd like. They're no more outrageous than Live's unfounded accusations of racism, though.
Where are you getting these accusations from?

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