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Just read that "omnishambles" is the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year. "GIF" is the Oxford English Dictionary's American word of the year (beating out contender "yolo"). What a contrast. Of course these things are meant to highlight new and odd words. I'm sure it wouldn't be exciting to name already known and common words, and maybe that's why we're changing our language so much, adding all these new words. We always want something new.

Which isn't bad by itself, but it does bug me a little when everyone picks up on something and tries to use it like it's a natural part of their vocabulary. Partially that's just me going against the bandwagon, but I also don't like when you've got people ostensibly speaking the same language who don't have any idea what each other are saying because of weird slang. I mean, I thought "omnishambles" was a bit of satire and not a word that people have apparently used.

Originally Posted by Autistic Lucario View Post
I've noticed that there seems to be a growing interest in the Japanese language. We're already borrowing words from Japanese. When I watched Japanese TV shows, I noticed that they used quite a bit of English here and there. Japanese is becoming quite popular in the West while English is becoming popular in the East, especially in Japan.
The English language has been a part of Japan since the end of WWII. It's taught in all the schools. But English isn't borrowing much from Japanese though, at least outside of niche fandoms. I mean, we have some well known words like ninja, kimono, and sushi, and some ones you wouldn't normally think of as Japanese like honcho, typhoon, and rickshaw, but that's about it for the vast majority of English speakers.
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