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    Originally Posted by Rococo View Post
    I hope that you're not mixing up english and american. :l

    I would like a pudding cup please.

    yo man i wont a puddin cup.

    Texting abbreviations are fine IMLTHO (sorry couldn't help it xD,no that has not affected my opinion) as in a busy world everyone wants to do things faster,and faster.
    No,I think the English language is's american that needs help. :/
    American isn't a language. Unless you mean American English, then specify because that's like saying someone is "speaking Mexican."

    However, I blame it on how fast-paced our world is becoming. Nobody has time to text out "be right back" so everything is compacted as much as possible. I loathe this part of society, as everyone complains how miserable they are but can't seem to find out why.

    Also I'm a huge hypocrite with swearing, I don't like it but I do swear. It depends on the person and situation, though.
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