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Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
I'll continue to call him unelected until the issues of voting machines converting Romney votes into Obama votes, why workers for an Obama-supporting union were the ones who were hired to service the shady voting machines, how counties in key swing states that Obama carried had more votes cast than there are registered voters, etc. are addressed.

You can call my accusations outrageous if you'd like. They're no more outrageous than Live's unfounded accusations of racism, though.
You are also forgetting how Romney was invested heavily in companies that made some of the voting machines, and his intentionally training poll watchers with incorrect information about just who can and can't vote.

Both sides need investigating, not just Obama. The only reason your not saying both sides need investigating is because you don't give a **** about honesty, you just don't want a Democrat as the President.

Edit - I read a story about the messed up voting machines selecting Obama when Romney was pressed, but I've also read one the opposite. In both cases, this was either because the person was pressing too hard on the screen or because the touchscreen wasn't calibrated right.
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