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Dante Farefyre, Floor 5 - Boss Battle, Level 17.

The entrance to the boss room was now buzzing with players who came to defeat the boss and continue their dream to get back to the real world. Everyone in the cave also held the hopes of all the players who didn't participate in the clearing and instead supplied the players who were clearer’s. After a minute of waiting he saw Leon, a general of the Knights of Blood whom Dante had between two boss's with already. I wonder if he'll be leading the Knights in this battle, Dante thought as the two looked and acknowledge each other with a nod.

"The beaters have informed me of what lies beyond this door!" Everyone was becoming rowdy as Leon spoke. It's probably going to be slightly different then what we faced in the beta test, "We're going to need speed and strength to overcome this beast. Do not make yourself a liability, you may not get a chance to redeem yourself." Dante had already made his way to the front of the door, players who recognised him moving out of his way as he walked there. “Dante, you took a while to get here, that's rare.” A familiar voice said.
“Hello Leon. I know, I had some business to attend too.” Replied Dante, turning to see Leon standing there looking relieved. “Don't worry, I wouldn't miss a boss battle Leon.”
“That's good to hear. Let's begin this.” Leon stated as he pushed open the door to reveal the dimly lit chamber.

“What the hell is that massive thing!” A worried player said as the guilds all began to form up around the massive boss that was slowly beginning to stand up in the middle of the room. Dante walked up to the front line, standing alone between the Black Cats and Knights of Blood. The room had become filled with voices of scared players and guild leaders barking orders at their subordinates before a harsh sounding roar drowned the players out.
“ATTACK!” Ordered Leon as the Knights began attacking the massive boss, Karack the Bone-Crusher was its name. Following the Knights the other guilds also began their battle with the beast with solo players who had partied up with other solo players also joining in. Dante had also joined the battle, slicing down Karack's forearm after dodging a slow but strong punch, to do only a little damage.

That was a lot less damage than I expected, this is different to the Beta test, his defence is much higher. Dante dropped back to the back to rethink his strategy as the guilds continue attacking Karack's arms and leg's, the boss' health dropping much slower than expected. I need to get to his head, being this tall it's probably his weak point since it's hard to reach. Dante thought this as a player flew past him after barely being able to block a punch from Karack. More players were now beginning to get thrown about as panic was starting to set in from Karack's higher than expected defence. The guild leader's were struggling to get their subordinates back in formation as Karack continued too swat away attackers, his health now nearing the end of it's first bar.
He's still slow though, I'm surprise so many people are still getting hit.. wait what are those two doing?

Dante was astonished too see a person run in front of Karack, holding a torch. Does she realise it's attracted to light.. I guess not. Another player also had a torch and was now waving it furiously, taking the attention away from the first player. The second player seemed to be having a little easier of time as he dodge a punch. This'll work. Dante activated his speed skill and sprinted between the two player's waving the torches, leaving behind a slight dust trail. Getting between Karack's legs Dante jumped horizontally landing with both his feet together on it's left leg. Activating [Armor Pierce] as he pushed off using his speed skill again he plunged his blade into Karack's right leg, doing recognisable damage. [Crescent Slash], the purple trail left behind by Dante's blade marked out the shape of a crescent moon as he pulled his blade through to Karack's groin. Dante pulled his blade out while Karack dropped to his right knee letting out a groan of pain. The guilds had now regained their composure seeing Karack on his knee and began another all out attack, Karack's health now dropping slightly quicker than before as more attack's were hitting their marks.

Now at the boss' back Dante finally saw his opportunity,I can climb that.Activating his speed again Dante jumped and began running up Karack's back. 5 Strikes broke into the back of Karack's neck as Dante activated [Blade Hammer]. Below other player's were still attacking Karack, more organised now that the boss was still on it's knee. Dante brought down his blade with as much force as possible, using all his strength and activating [Vorpal Strike], hitting the back of Karack's neck again, right on it's spin now. A loud bellow was released from Karack, it's rage now building as wild strikes were beginning to be throw by it.
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