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I beat Red when I was 8' bro.
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    Spent all day in Celadon city, got myself an Eevee and evolved it to a Vaporeon and then I bought some supplies in Celadon city DEPT. Then visited Team rockets gambiling centre, spent a while there trying to get lucky, ended up getting enough to get myself a Vulpix so I was fairly happy with that, then I took down the whole base of Team Rocket and defeated Giovani VERY easily with Dugtrio and Butterfree.

    Got the Silph co and then went to Lavander town where I again took down the whole tower of all the crazy possessed trainers and rescued the man. Picked up a Pokeflute and then saved the game.

    1. Pikachu lvl 30
    2. Butterfree lvl 31
    3. Charmeleon lvl 29
    4. Bulbasaur lvl 26
    5. Dugtrio lvl 33
    6. Pidgey lvl 25

    Pokedex completion:

    Seen: 82
    Own: 46