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    "Its dangerous to go alone take this." The wolf princess said.

    The golden triangle that had earlier been torn from Relak's body appeared in front of him. The golem grabbed the triforce piece as it seemed to be called, and jabbed it into his chest. metal closed around the triangle and the gash healed. You could hear the gears grinding inside of Relak's chest. His way of grumbling. Whatever this revolting creature was it was far too small to warrant his attention. This wolf creature now turned human also had made no reason for him to care. 'Princess Zelda' that meant nothing to him. What did mean something was a return to his home.

    "Most efficient actions taken to result in positive outcome." Relak demanded.

    Relak had a purpose and it wasn't meant to be here as a hero. He was a protector for his kind. Time spent here was merely risking his brethren. Relak stepped back from the group begining to compute some out comes and factors.

    "I require input." Relak added.

    He wandered off trying to find some source of data. His footsteps were surpisingly quiet for his weight, but you could easily see where his metal feet scratched the floor. It all came down to Relak's raw magnetic power. the majority of his weight was currently weightless. Only his feet did, but they weigh nearly as much as a normal man. Relak attempted to pick a book up off a shelf, but his sharpend fingers puncutred the flimsy paper. Relak threw the ruined book to the ground, and began pounding his fists together. Each hit flatened the sharp edges on his hands and produced a low clang which echoed through the building.
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