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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
A week after the 2012 election. Which Obama and the Democrats won handily. So yes, they are.

And people, for the millionth time, the states can't secede anyways on account of their Constitutions and the terms upon which they were re admitted to the Union during Reconstruction. This means that no matter how many signatures it gets, it's null and void - has been since 1870.
Well, correction - they can't peacefully secede. ;) Which of course is what they're asking for, but secession isn't an impossibility if something completely out of the blue happened and one decided to secede, since they wouldn't be respect their Constitution as part of the US anymore. Although chances are the US military would overwhelm them and they would be brought back into the fold within a year.

Edit: I was trying to source the "states can't secede because of Constitutions" and looked through Florida's and Texas' Constitutions, searching for specifically 'sece'(de, ssion) and couldn't find anything. Is it worded differently without using that, or only in some states, or...?

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