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    Candice Greyson

    The bats, startled, desperately flew out of my way as I slowly made my way to the ruins. Along the way my eyes scanned the beautiful world around me. Snow blanketed the land and mountains tops. The valley itself looked amazing. This reminds me of the time before I entered SBURB: boring life where all I drank was Mountain Dew. Speaking of which, I did change, didn't I? I wouldn't be enjoying the scenery, but just moving along with no interest. It's amazing how much this game has changed me already...or the fact that maybe I was like this all along, and just now I'm starting to discover who I am.

    My eyes caught sight of footprints on the snow, startling me. These weren't the type of footprints like in the original snow world, but this one definitely had to be made by shoes. A kindle of excitement ignited inside me. Knowing that I wasn't the only one here, with shoes, somehow made me feel comfortable. Unfortunately it can be anything that was wearing shoes, so I wasn't sure whether I should be glad or horrified. Last time I thought it was great, but ended up in a disaster when it turned out they wanted to kill me.

    Finally making it to the ruins, I thought about the clothes I had on right now. They weren't the best to use at the moment. "Why didn't I alchemize myself a very fluffy sweater or something?" I mumbled to myself while examining the entrance to the ruins. "What else did I miss?" Pondering about the many things I could have built instead of shoes and gloves with suction cups, and a demented skateboard, I realized I left my laptop back at home. I sighed in disbelief, no way to communicate or do anything for Ricardo now. All I can hope for is for the best for him.

    Entering the ruins, my feet and socks were soaked with melted snow. They felt like bricks. Too lazy to move another leg muscle, I take out the dementedboard, which certainly looked odd. Curious as to how it works, I place it down and stand right on top of it. The fact I was standing on top of Dimentio felt pretty awkward, but I just wanted to explore without moving my legs. Looking down, I noticed his head looking straight forward, like a statue. I waited a few minutes for it to start, but it never did. Patient and thirsty, I take out my trusty mountainspew and crack it open. Careful as to not spill too much, I take a good look at the liquid inside.

    Suddenly the board started moving forward, making the mountain dew spill out of the bat and onto my clothes. Not wanting to deal with Dimentio, who I knew wouldn't feel bad for me, I drink what's left inside and store it back inside the strife deck. For a while all there was to the ruins were broken walls, houses, roads, and a few plates here and there. Not too far off was an archway that looks as if there was something carved over there.

    My mind was filled with curiosity, until I heard a noise. Turning my head all around me, I couldn't find the source of it. Skeptical, I ignored it and let the board continue forward.

    "Hehehehe hehe" Dimentio chuckled, making me jump slightly from shock. His laughter that came out of nowhere for no reason always gave me the chills, but there wasn't I could really do about it. Those laughs just come up without warning.

    Then the noises appear. Cautious, I decide to step out of the funny noise-making board. Picking Dimentio up, who's feet kicked me for freedom, I tried to focus on the noises. Again they disappeared after a minute. Careful not to make loud noises, I absorb the dementedboard into one of my sylladex cards. That's when I look up and find out that I was right under the archway. It appears to be made of stone.

    Wanting to get a better view, I take a few steps back and try to make out the blurred out word. When I was back enough to get a good view, I realized there was one visible word on the stone arch: WITCH.

    "Witch." My eyes wouldn't peel away from the arch, as if it were hypnotizing.

    But...what did it mean?