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Originally Posted by Snork View Post
Sure does

Also, I'm a little unsure if you're still doing RNG Breeding, if so I have a request form.

Username: Snork
Pokemon: Lapras
Nickname (if want one): Amaya
Gender: Female
Nature: Careful
Ability: Water Absorb
IVs: Flawless
Shiny: Yes
Egg Moves: Avalanche, Sleep Talk, Curse

To offer I have DW females and EV tranied shinies (CMT). I also have some near flawless and shiny EV trained not listed in my shop (only willing to trade them if they can be cloned back to me): Shiny EV near flawless starmie, absol. shiny EV jolteon, scizor, umbreon. Near flawless EV ninetales, leafeon, zoroark, hydreigon, swellow, gardevoir. Let me know if you're interested
I can clone and trade the original back to you no problem. I would like the Starmie if that's alright with you. Since I already have a few more requests it may take me awhile to get this done.
Originally Posted by masaru3 View Post
I will breed them and I'll pm/vm you when they're ready. My FC is in my signature, the White friend code
Also, my timezone is GMT.
Thanks a lot for this trade
Take your time since it'll take me awhile to rng the Pokemon.
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