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Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post
For next char of the day, we should have Farmworld Finn xD.
Anyways, I think it should be char of the week because characters go by too fast.
Anyways, I kind of want to see Prismo return and have other characters make wishes. Anyone else want to see "Gunther the Penguin" or "Marceline the Vampire" ? But then again, what the heck would they wish for...(Marceline would probs wish for Ice King to be not crazy or something)
I agree, I'll be changing the Character of the Day to Character of the Week. Thanks for the tip, darkpokeball! And Farmworld Finn will be CotW next week.

I'd want to see Lady Rainicorn and Lumpy Space Princess make a wish. I'm hoping Lady would wish that she could speak English, so I could finally understand what the heck she's saying. And for LSP, I hope she wishes she'd make more appearances on the show.

Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
Ooh, ooh! It's Adventure Time!!!

Name: MidnightShine
Favorite Character: Hmm, it has to be...... Jake!
Why do you want to become an Adventurer? Simply because Adventure Time is MATHEMATICAL & I've been a fan ever since!
Oh my Glob, I didn't notice this. Welcome to the club, Mid! Sorry for not noticing you. Haha. XD

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