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    Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
    First off

    I would like to comment that that sounds like the opening to a joke of some sort. Probably with "Walk into a bar" being the next part.
    Yeah... That's the best I could think of. The so-called "punchline" involves the fisherman getting his tackle out, but the events are out of order.

    Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
    I seem to see it too... What I notice is that the phone number lines seem to dislike \b or such commands. I couldn't guess why this happens though.
    It's because the text isn't displayed using the Show Text event command, but by a different script. In particular, I think it's the def _I that messes certain things up a bit by evaluating \b too early (and in your case turns it into a square - we're probably using different fonts/versions of a font). Try using \\b instead to make that colour command remain long enough to be "evaluated" in the proper place.

    I made up that explanation; I have no idea if it's accurate; it seems to work, though, and describes quite well when you need to use those first few "Displays text" things.
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