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    Ok, today I bred a level 1 male Kabigon (Snorlax) with a Metamon (Ditto) (leveled in the 50s) because I want a female Kabigon to breed with the Full Incense so I can get a Gonbe. So I made the egg, and kept saving after traveling so far so that if it hatched and it was male I could reset and not have to travel far again to try again. I got to wear I was maybe 10 steps from it hatching, and tried multiple times, and every time it hatched it was a male. Finally I started to wonder, so I checked its nature. Every time its nature was the same, too (Jolly).

    So I am confused; I thought the gender and nature weren't decided until the moment it hatched, and yet it's looking like this instance has somehow been predetermined. What gives?
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