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Originally Posted by Jeikobu View Post
Ok, today I bred a level 1 male Kabigon (Snorlax) with a Metamon (Ditto) (leveled in the 50s) because I want a female Kabigon to breed with the Full Incense so I can get a Gonbe. So I made the egg, and kept saving after traveling so far so that if it hatched and it was male I could reset and not have to travel far again to try again. I got to wear I was maybe 10 steps from it hatching, and tried multiple times, and every time it hatched it was a male. Finally I started to wonder, so I checked its nature. Every time its nature was the same, too (Jolly).

So I am confused; I thought the gender and nature weren't decided until the moment it hatched, and yet it's looking like this instance has somehow been predetermined. What gives?
That's because the egg's nature, gender, ability and IVs are set upon receiving the egg. This is why it's a better idea to save before taking the egg.