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Hey there Jesal, welcome to the forum! Great to meet you, I'm Cirno. ^^

Fifteen posts should not difficult to get at all since there are so many topics around for you to post in on PC, but just remember not to spam, as already stated. We have a pretty strict rule against that as we try our best to keep things clean around here! Make sure to give the rules a read if you haven't already, they're are very important to know to avoid making mistakes. I'll be looking forward to seeing your gallery in Art & Design, I draw myself so seeing more artists pop in makes me happy. <3

Anyway, why not tell us more about yourself? And out of curiosity, what's your art program of choice? I use Paint Tool SAI for the most part, but Photoshop is pretty amazing for graphics too. There's a place for all sorts of people on PC, so I'm sure you'll settle in well. :D

Have fun here and remember to contact me through private message if you need any help around the forum~!

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