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This will probably my last update for a few weeks, as I'm going on holiday.


Earthquake all over the place made Surge a piece of cake.

Another easy leader going down to Flamethrower OHKOs

Fire everywhere winning for me.

Easiest of them all, being about 5-10 levels lower than the other Kanto leaders and going down easily to fire.

Lapras took 2 hits and dealt a little damage, but other than that, Misty was easy as.

Earthquake made this gym incredibly easy.

My last rival battle showed him how weak he really was falling to OHKOs everywhere.

Another Kanto gym falling to EQ.

Toughest gym leader of them all, with his Gyarados setting up Rain Dance and absorbing my hits.

Ah, Red. Pikachu was easy. Espeon was easy. Venusaur and Charizard were both easy. Blastoise and Snorlax however managed to set up Rain Dance and Reflect causing me to do minimal damage to them. In the end, I won after one full restore and a bit of luck.


Proved to be even less of a challenge than the Kanto part, but overall, this was more enjoyable in my opinion, mostly because I love GSC.