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It's... kinda effective?
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Kinda obscure games ahread.

The Avenger/Missile Scout in Battlezone II is very underpowered. Its basically a standard scout with more armor. With less weapons. Less speed. And a complete crap turn rate.

Its basic weapon, the TAG Missile Cannon, is stronger then the standard FaF's that the regular scouts use, but this doesn't make up for its downsides. Also, unlike the other two missiles (Fire and Forget, and Shadower (Radar lock)) the TAG has to fire a tracer onto the enemy before it launches missiles at it, while the other two don't need this.

And now for something overpowered, Heavy Gear II, the Dark Cheetah. It's a light gear, but its able to turn medium, heavy, and some assault gears into scrap. This is just using one of its presets, it gets even more OP if you make a custom loadout for it. Although the Dark Kodiaks and Dark Cobras, assault class gears (And strongest units available ingame), far outstrip this one in armor and weapons, the Dark Cheetahs greater speed still lets it tear those gears to pieces. The only real match for one of these is (with a lot of skill) a Perseus light gear, or a Dark Warrior heavy gear.

A special mention goes out to the Claymore Assault Bomber in Tachon. It is, literally, a flying brick. It's turning speed is crap. It's speed is the slowest out of any usable ship ingame. But, with enough skill, it can destroy anything.

Seriously, flying brick. This is what it looks like.
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